Surveys & Consultation

F. E. Ciccone & Company can provide a comprehensive survey to address all the engineering, structural, mechanical and access needs that pertain to your entrance.  To understand the true costs to restore and to upgrade historic entrances, get a diagnostic survey and evaluation from F.E.Ciccone & Company, EARLY IN THE PROJECT, during the design stage.  

OUR MOTTO IS: "The Reconditioning and Repair of Monumental Doors is a Feat Requiring A Specialized Hand."  Here is a brief and only partial list of items frequently overlooked by inexperienced estimators, with resulting disruption of prices and schedules:

  • Structural issues caused by settlement or deflection of the historic building affecting clearances for new work.
  • Cost and availability of parts for repairs to historic work.
  • Issues regarding seamless retrofitting modern access controls to historic work.
  • Application governing safety and access to historic work.

F. E. Ciccone & Company is available to travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada to furnish a surveys or consultation for your historic door and entrance restoration and upgrade project.  Call Robert Ciccone at 617-283-8313.