Historical Bronze Doors for Sale

In the course of our work, we from time to time come into possession of salvaged historic entrance doors.  These are original, high quality entrance doors, in good to excellent condition, which have become redundant due to alterations to the building.  We make these available to the industry, at a reasonable price, so they are not needlessly scrapped and destroyed.

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Two 1952 Bronze Revolving Doors

Two International Steel Bronze Revolving Doors, built in 1952, with roll-a-side feature in great shape and perfect working order, these doors come complete with overhead gear box, floor pivot, side walls, ceiling and full blueprints. As seen in the above photo, these historical antique doors, set of two, are true classics...

Classic Bronze Doors

We have 2 of these historic bronze doors, they can be installed as a pair or in single compleate with frames.  Top of the line engineering went into these doors and they are built to last. Dimensions of door without frame: Hieght=98- 5/16 Width=38- 7/8 Thickness 1-13/16