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Door Locks

We fabricate parts for locks and locking mechanisms for commercial doors for all types. As seen in the above photo, chain drive locking mechanism for monumental bronze door at Forsyth Dental in Boston, MA.

Hinges and Pivot Pins

Shown here are pivot pins we fabricated for various monumental door projects.  As seen in the above photo,  bottom pivot pin assembly, supports weight of monumental door.  Boston Public Library.

Flush Bolt Assemblies

To make a massive door stable and secure, it must be bolted at several points, and the bolting mechanism must operate cleanly, smoothly and often under hand power.  All elements must be to very close tolerances to function under these conditions.  As seen in the photo above, flush bolt assemblies...


We can manufacture doorstops and rests for any commercial door, from any era.  Send us the existing element or a drawing.  As seen in the above photo, doorstop, Temple Emmanuel, Manhattan.

Revolving Door Replacement Parts

Shown here, parts produced in our machine shop for a reconditioned revolving door hanger. As seen in the above photo, new stainless steel telescoping pin installed in door hanger, note grease fitting.

Pennsylvania Flag Cabinet Modification


The custom modification of four flag cabinets to outfit them with access doors, as seen in the photo above. The Flag Cabinets at the Pennsylvania State Capitol were built and designed without a door to access and maintain the flags they housed and protected from the Civil War era, so...

Two 1952 Bronze Revolving Doors

Two International Steel Bronze Revolving Doors, built in 1952, with roll-a-side feature in great shape and perfect working order, these doors come complete with overhead gear box, floor pivot, side walls, ceiling and full blueprints. As seen in the above photo, these historical antique doors, set of two, are true classics...

Classic Bronze Doors

We have 2 of these historic bronze doors, they can be installed as a pair or in single compleate with frames.  Top of the line engineering went into these doors and they are built to last. Dimensions of door without frame: Hieght=98- 5/16 Width=38- 7/8 Thickness 1-13/16  

Door Cart

The Door Cart was designed by F.E. Ciccone to eliminate onsite injuries from lifting heavy doors while allowing the user easy access to the parts of the door that need repair.  For over 16 years F.E. Ciccone has used the Door Cart on many of our jobs. Door carts are available for...