A.D.A. Conversions

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act we have taken on some historical and challenging conversions, upgrading entrances from eras to make them A.D.A compliant without compromising their aesthetic value or function.

Related Projects

National Gallery of Art

Washington D.C.
District of Columbia

The National Gallery of Art project required the bronze doors be modified to accommodate the Handicapped Operators which needed to be place in the floor and completely concealed along with the control panels so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the entrances. As seen in the above photo, National Gallery of...

Addison Gallery of Art


The Addison Gallery of Art was unique in a lot of ways due to the size and age of the doors.  One of the challenges we faced was the limited space available for the Handicapped Operators to be installed.  Through alot of engineering and fabrication we were able to achieve...

Harvard University Office of the Dean

Havard University - Cambridge

The project at The Deans Office, as seen in the above photo, consisted of three sets of wooden strap hinge doors that needed to be automated for A.D.A. compliance without compromising the historical value.