We perform custom upgrades and restoration of monumental metal (bronze, iron or steel) doors anywhere in the United States. The restoration and repair of historic monumental metal doors is the core specialty of F.E. Ciccone and Company.  Long skilled in the reconditioning and restoration of commercial doors, our threefold goal is:

  • To restore the original artistry and craftsmanship of historical doors, whatever the era.  
  • To restore their original functional operation. 
  • To seamlessly introduce modern security, operator and access controls, as specified.

Our long experience and comprehensive skill set insures that your building entrance upgrade will look and function as intended, for years to come.

We ALSO service commercial entrances, including all models of swing and revolving doors in Boston, Massachusetts and throughout New England.  Please call with any questions, technical or aesthetic.


Custom A.D.A. Conversions:  Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we have executed numerous unique historic conversions, upgrading entrances from all eras in order to make them to full A.D.A compliance without compromising their function and historic integrity. We furnish any custom handicap door operators and controls.

Balanced Doors

Consulting, On-Site Training and Diagnostic Surveys:  Over the generations, F. E. Ciccone & Co. has executed hundreds of successful commercial entrance projects, developing an unequalled expertise knowledge base.  Over the years, we have discovered that there are MANY ways for us to contribute to a project, whether as contractor, design consultant or by furnishing restored or replacement parts from our machine shop.  BOTTOM LINE:  Whatever your budget, there is no necessity for you to risk going forward with an important commercial entrance restoration project without experienced guidance.

Custom Hardware, Locksmith, Dedicated Machine Shop:  We have a fully equipped machine shop, capable of manufacturing any commercial door parts, locks or hardware, that are no longer available.  Whether a monumental door, revolving door, balance door or flush door check - - if you need a part, call us (617-283-8313and we will make it for you.